Some Questions about Mothering During the Trump Administration

Our twin girls Azalea (left) and Olivia, 7 weeks old (November 2016).

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of our now much too-close neighbour to the South, the United States.

The same year, my life was changed completely and forever: 2016 was the year that my twin daughters were born.

With so much support (isn’t that the scary part: not that Donald Trump is President, but instead that so many people voted for him) for a leader who is racist, bigoted, sexist, and elitist, I am genuinely worried about what this says about the world that they’ll be growing up in.

In light of this horrific news, how am I to be a mother to these girls and teach them to honestly:

Believe in their value regardless of their looks?

Expect fairness regardless of their skin colour and/or gender?

Be empowered to have a voice and make their own unique decisions?

Feel safe at home and to feel no fear as citizens of this country?

Trust people in positions of authority and power?

Hope for a more peaceful and kind world?

If we can survive the next four years, I think that it will be by the skin of our teeth, and only if people come together to stand up against such hate. I hope my daughters barely know who Donald Trump is when they grow up, but I fear he is the kind of leader whose name is remembered long after his reign, because of the monstrosities committed at his command.

So what can we do? How do we take a stand against this? How do we protect ourselves AND each other from being the horrors in history books that future generations to read about?

To my girls, my little baby girls, Azalea and Olivia: I promise to keep you safe from monsters like Donald Trump. For as long as I’m living, and with every last one of my breaths.

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